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Natural cosmetics made at home

60 mins live online event with practical, home-made recipes

host: Agota Benedek / medicinal herbalist

platform: Zoom

Sunday 16 May, 2021. at 15.00 (UK time)

In addition to the well-proven cucumber mask, there are plenty of other opportunities to make all-natural, skin-friendly cosmetics at home.

During the event I will introduce you various natural oils, butters, essential oils and extract, together with easy-made home recipes to create fabulous, fluffy, beautifully natural home made cosmetics.

Who is the event for?
* for you if you like natural solutions
* for you if you care about your health
* for you if you choose environmental awareness
* for you if your family's safety is important
* for you, if you like to craft and create
* for you if you like hand made gifts

Contribution: £8.50 / person

You can book in advance via PayPal, and I will send the Zoom link the day before the event to the e-mail address you have been using with PayPal. (If PayPal is not for you just send me a message.)

Places are limited.

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