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OH card session

OH cards are a genre of metaphoric associative, multifunctional card decks, which can be used as tools in coaching, training or even in the self-recognition process. They stimulate creativity, encourage expression, empathy, connection, co-operation and communication. Help to develop self-confidence, self-assertion, tolerance, conscious presence and your decision-making ability.


OH cards have no official or traditional interpretations of images, and instructions included with the decks encourage imaginative and personal interpretations of our feelings. Usually these images are small paintings created by various artists specifically for this kind of use.


OH stretches our capacity to listen and to respond, to really hear each other without judgment or competitiveness. OH is a way for  people to exchange feelings, fantasies, and ideas within a framework that protects privacy and vulnerability.

Rules we keep when using the cards: 

1.) In OH, we honour each other’s privacy.
I may choose to pass, to not play the cards I have drawn.
I can do this with or without explanation, revealing my cards or not.

2.) In OH, we honour each other.
I will not interrupt you.

3.) In OH, we honour each other's intelligence and imagination.
I do not re-interpret (or interpret) your cards.

4.) In OH, we honour each other's integrity.
We do not contradict you or argue about your interpretations, because that there are no "correct" interpretations of the pictures, no misreading of words.

5.) In OH, we honour each other's individuality.
When I interpret my OH Cards I do not assume that you see what I see, feel what I feel, read what I read.

We can work in 1-to-1 session or in small groups - both ways have their benefits.
Group: min. 3 persons / max. 5 persons

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